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May 10, 2017

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"Reptile Lighting is a process not a bulb."

Several years ago we developed the worlds best ultraviolet (UVB and UVA) reptile bulbs in the industry in a variety of different wattages and UV-producing levels. (I developed the very first Mega-Ray® in my shop while working on ultraviolet curing lamps.) These lamps have proven to be exceptional for developing 25-OH vitamin D3 for optimal health and for the treatment of metabolic bone disease (MBD). The educated herpetologist, hobbyist, and independent researchers have made this bulb the leading source of UV for reptile health internationally. But ultraviolet is just part of reptile lighting. Over the years we have expressed the importance of proper lighting on many different forums and discussion groups. I have spent thousands of hours on the phone and e-mail giving personal consultations on this subject and recently I was invited to give a discourse on the new Mega-Ray® ultraviolet technology at the 2006 Herpetological Taxon Advisory Group (HerpTAG) meeting in Ohio with the country's leading reptile zoo curators and herpetologists. Dr Henry Brames wrapped up the theme of the importance of lighting and health in the above quote from his article.

Realizing that this "process" can be complicated, we are in the process of adding a full line of products that will help the average keeper, as well as the professional zoologist/herpetologist, to reach their goals in duplicating the reptile's natural habitat (as regards lighting and heating) as closely as possible in captivity.

The importance of bright light (lux) and a good lighting spectrum (full spectrum , high visual color rendition index, VCRI) for the animal's overall health is becoming more widely understood.

Naturally, large outside habitats are the best solution if you location allows. This is seldom a possibility for most keepers. We have personally let the sun do our work for us, supplying the bright natural spectrum of visible light through large windows. We only concern ourselves with the need for indoor UVR (since it won't come through windows) and heat.

The use of bright, large windows is not always possible, either, for many keepers. So ReptileUV has worked very hard studying the ability of different types of light bulb to duplicate the sun's spectrum (CRI) and intensity (lux). Looking at the spectrograms and lux readings, we have gathered a diverse collection of bulbs to help you produce exceptional lighting for your various species of reptiles.

All of our lighting products have the approximate CRI (color rendering index), lux (light intensity) and (if they are UV lamps) the amount of UVB and UVA (microwatts per square centimeter) they produce included in their description.

As we grow, we hope to add new product lines including lighting fixtures, electronic thermostats, light meters, halogen bulbs, metal halide bulbs, 5000K fluorescent tubes and compacts, adjustable fixture stands, UV fluorescent tubes, and reflectors. We never stop working on the new possibilities for the future Mega-Ray® designs.

If you consider yourself the exceptional keeper or just want to be, ReptileUV is the place to be. Let us share our 40 years of reptile keeping, rehabilitation, and research with you. As our site grows we will be posting the latest information concerning lighting and your animal's health.
Besides the addition of many new products we will enlarge this site to have a collection of information articles and facts that will help you understand how to create a mini ecosystem. We will answer questions such as "how hot will your bulb get?" "How much UV does my reptile require?" "Why can't I just use ordinary commercial mercury vapor bulbs from the store"? - and a host of questions our customers have asked us.

We will help expose false advertising, correct the fallacies about mercury vapor bulbs posted on various websites, debunk poorly written studies, and report new vitamin D3 studies.

Our customers keep a wide range of lizards, tortoises, turtles.. and avian species too. We plan to build a gallery and database on the many ways in which Mega-Ray® lamps are used in the most successful reptile husbandry.

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