ReptileUV, The best Reptile UV lighting in the world. ReptileUV, The best Reptile UV lighting in the world.

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March 19, 2015
  • The Mega-Ray Heat Projector is back! First come, first served! Also the new R80 Mega-Ray mercury vapor 70 watt self-ballasted bulbs will be available in 2 weeks. The first true mini MV self-ballasted Mega-Ray for close distance, little heat, and great flood design, as with all Mega-Ray MV bulbs! See this product on our Face Book page!
We Know we have the world's best lighting and we want to have the best customer service too!

Please direct your email to the proper department for fastest service. We are growing rapidly and want all our customers to be happy. We need you Transaction ID #, or your email that was used to make the order and the date the order was made. The order # does not help with our system.

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For Technical Lighting or Rehabiliation Questions

Bob has posted his personal phone number on his website and community forums for over 12 years to help people that cared for animals with critical health problems.

Because so many people attempted to contact Bob MacCargar (who invented the MegaRay for his own animal rehabilitation and treatment process) at inappropriate hours to inform him about product failures or other lighting requirements even though the appropriate time to discuss these issues have been stated on the website, we now require that:
For questions pertaining to technical lighting requirements, please refer to our questions answered page and the video page before calling. If you still have questions after thoroughly reading the questions answered page and viewing the videos, please call 252.240.9088 between the hours of 9am and 4pm, Monday through Friday, eastern standard time. This will save a lot of time on the phone. Bob does not believe he is in anyway as entertaining as Steve Irwin, but the information is excellent.

For customer service, questions pertaining to orders and general product information please call Bob at 252.240.9088 between the hours of 9am and 4pm EST Mon-Friday if you do not get an answer from the contact form above.

As always, if you have a sick animal and you or your vet need additional direction feel free to call Bob's personal number at 252.240.9088, any time day or night.
ReptileUV as a company was developed for one reason, and one reason only: to educated and improve the health of your animals.


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