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May 10, 2017

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Mega-Ray® Photo Gallery

In appreciation for the Mega-Ray® products, owners of the Mega-Ray® bulbs have submitted these photos to demonstrate their lighting setup. Photography in this website section is distributed with the author's consent.

The gallery is sectioned off by photographer's name, alias or image sequence.

Reptile UV appreciates all the submissions from our customers showing the different habitats and the way they they are using the MegaRay bulbs. And I encourage anyone that uses the MegaRay to send us pictures of their husbandry so we can post it here. I want to make it perfectly clear that this does not mean that we are suggesting that we recommend type of habitats that are posted on this website. What we are recommending is the use of the MegaRay at the appropriate distances regardless of the habitat that you have.

My personal belief is that we should not even be keeping reptiles in captivity, but if we must do so, I highly recommend the largest habitats possible, the use of multiple lights and heating devices as well as good hides along with appropriate diets and humidity levels. Wild animals that are confined, no matter how good our husbandry is, are going to be suffering from some level of stress. As a rehabilitator for many years I have expressed my concern over unnecessary stress on our keeps (see NutriBAC df). I believe that stress is the number one killer of captive reptiles.

Appropriate husbandry is an ongoing process just as Reptile lighting is a process not a bulb. We encourage everyone keeping reptiles to constantly look for new ways to improve on their husbandry and the size of their habitats.

Thank you, Bob MacCargar

International Reptile Conservation Foundation, Inc.
© 2007 John Binns, IRCF


Courtesy of our Holland/Netherlands Distributor

Dragon Whispers

UV Guide UK ( - Ultraviolet Light for Reptiles

Duncan Smith
Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site of Canada
Species at Risk Communication Specialist


Paul Jenkins

Michelle Nash
CHS Member and "Official Nature Nut :)"
Rhino Ratsnake (rhynchophis boulengeri)

Chris Tucker

Miscellaneous Submissions

Photography on this website section/page is property of, and their individual owners. Please contact us if you are interested in using any of these photos elsewhere on the web. Do not distribute for promotional use without owners consent. Thank you.