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May 10, 2017

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Mega-Ray® Metal Halide UVB EB Kit

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Our Metal Halide have been rigorously tested in the field for almost 2 years and serum vitamin D3 testing completed and continued testing is being done at one of the leading zoos here in the USA (pictures soon). On the arrival of new designed ballasts, this kit can be used in both USA and European voltage (120-240 volt). All European orders (and pricing) will need to be arranged with our European Distributor,

These bulbs have proven to be useful in D3 production for 12-18 months with little loss in brightness (LUX) or in UVB-A. A new Mega-Ray® Metal Halide video is in production to explain the set-up and use of this latest reptile lighting technology in your husbandry. Please read Dr Frances Baines article "Catching Wavelengths" in the May 2009 issue of "Reptiles Magazine" on the subject of Metal Halide UV lighting.

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Mega-Ray® Metal Halide

The new Mega-Ray® Metal Halide lighting, now in limited production, is only to be used by experienced hobbyists and professionals with an appreciation for natural lighting.

It is impossible to set up proper lighting husbandry with only one bulb. Dr Brames states "reptile lighting is a process, not a bulb". Even with the great compliments we received with the new Mega-Ray® Metal Halide Narrow Flood and the Halide Zoologist bulbs, this is still true; the halide provides "mid-day sun" and is excellent when combined with a more golden, softer light for early morning and evening. .

These bulbs are extremely bright, and much more like the natural sun after 8 or 9 AM in the morning and should not be considered for use for the complete 12 hr photo period and should only be used in the over head position. 8 hours a day is more then sufficient for the new Mega-Ray® Halide. Lamps in basking areas should be on multiple timers to allow a more natural lighting effect. As an example; Halogen on in basking area at 7am, Halide and additional heat (halogen or heat projector) on at 8:30am, 5000K tube daylight fluorescents at 10am, and off in the opposite order during the afternoon. This will reduce stress and prolong the life of any captive creature.

Under the Metal Halide

Metal Halide Metal Halide Metal Halide
Metal Halide Metal Halide UV Metal Halide
Left Bulb: Marked 200
Right Bulb: Marked 370

Metal Halide Metal Halide Metal Halide

Metal Halide Metal Halide

UVB iso-irradiance Diagram

UV Index iso-irradiance Diagram

View the ReptileUV Prototype Metal Halide Lamp Preliminary Test Results by Frances M. Baines.