ReptileUV, The best Reptile UV lighting in the world. ReptileUV, The best Reptile UV lighting in the world.

News & Updates

March 19, 2015
  • The Mega-Ray Heat Projector is back! First come, first served! Also the new R80 Mega-Ray mercury vapor 70 watt self-ballasted bulbs will be available in 2 weeks. The first true mini MV self-ballasted Mega-Ray for close distance, little heat, and great flood design, as with all Mega-Ray MV bulbs! See this product on our Face Book page!

Return Information

Please save the original packaging and your receipt. You will need these, should it be necessary for you to return an item to us for any reason.

Items returned for exchange will need an additional $15 shipping fee, to cover the cost of shipping your replacement item to you and must be in NEW condition! The cost of returning the product to ReptileUV must also be borne by the customer. Refund items must also be in NEW condition and have a $10 restocking fee and is at RUV's sole discretion.

Please use the original packaging and enclose your receipt. You must return the item in as-new condition (if it's for exchange), in its original packaging, with the receipt enclosed. You no longer need pre approval or return authorization numbers, PLEASE just follow the rest of the directions.


Supplemental Warranty Information

We have allowed our friends/ clients to just send us a "credit slip" to get a replacement bulb on our new stock instead of sending back the faulty product. This is very rare with the new factory. Unfortunately to many people have abused this privilege so we have to go back to receiving your item returned so we can process your replacement without the worry of lost emails or garbled phone messages. We suggest that you send the product back by USPS regular mail as its a very inexpensive process.

This allows us to process your faulty item WITHOUT ANY VERBAL OR WRITTEN BY EMAIL COMMUNICATION.

Refunds instead of replacement are or our sole discretion and can only be done if we cannot replace the item in a timely manner!

How to return an item to us

In all cases, please supply us with the following:
  • The original receipt
  • The original packaging
  • Full details of the problem you have experienced with the product.
Please use the original packaging and enclose your receipt. All returns without either packaging or receipt will be subject to a $10 service fee. This is simply to cover the costs of the new packaging we need to use to return the items safely and the amount of time required to look up your sales information. Please enclose your check for $10 with your return IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RECEIPT OR IF YOU ARE EXCHANGING THE ITEM ONLY. THIS IS NOT FOR WARRANTY WITH RECEIPT!

If you do not have your original receipt you must also include
  • A clearly written (preferably typed) information sheet giving us the following details:
    1. Your name (as stated when you ordered the item)
    2. The email address you used to order the item.
    3. The date you ordered the item.
    4. Your full postal address (to which we will send your replacement)
    5. Your contact telephone number, in case there are any complications we need to discuss before shipping your replacement to you.
Following these procedures will allow us to expedite any returns that are necessary and allow us to help you keep your animal healthy!

While we don't mean to inconvenience anyone, it is difficult to assist customers who send lamps without proper packaging (which may be broken in transit) or who return a lamp with little or no information about their problem, no contact details and an illegible return address. Its also very difficult to help our friends that have only used the phone message and leaving messages that we can't understand.

In cases of premature failure please double check that it is the lamp, and not the fixture that is at fault. On occasion we have seen lamps with burned bases where the fixture was defective, providing poor electrical contact, or had too low a voltage rating, or the lamp was simply not screwed in properly. Please check that your fixtures are safe. Watch our video on fixtures on the website! We don't want anyone to lose their loved reptile or their house.

Item Returns

Return all items to:
ReptileUV LABS
HUBERT, NC, 28539