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May 10, 2017

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UVB Meter Owners, Thread Excerpt

Sometimes people experiment with ordinary commercial lamps that were never designed to be used with animals, because they learn that some of these "give off UV".... and they think it might save them money, since these are usually cheaper than products designed to produce safe UVB.

Because there are now new "reptile-friendly" metal halides coming on to the market, it's worth us knowing about the risks posed by cheap commercial metal halides used in shop window displays and factory lighting, etc.... because these are known to emit dangerous UVC and short wavelength UVB. This is why you sometimes hear stories of people who sat under lamps with cracked or broken outer glass fixtures, getting "sunburn"-type damage. They are of course usually safe - but emitting NO UVB - when they are used as recommended by the manufacturers, in proper fixtures behind intact glass shields.

Reptile vet Dr. Henry Brames sent me a sample of a relatively cheap commercial "double-ended" metal halide lamp, of the type widely used in shops, etc, behind safety glass inside lamp units. Here, in the Files, are the disturbing results I obtained when I placed it in a household "outdoor floodlight" fixture - and removed the safety glass panel.

File : MetalHalideTestReport-CommercialDouble-ended.pdf
Uploaded by : lilacdawndragon
Description : The dangers of using ordinary commercial Metal Halide
bulbs (not designed for reptiles) without protective glass covers

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