ReptileUV, The best Reptile UV lighting in the world. ReptileUV, The best Reptile UV lighting in the world.

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September 25, 2013
  • It has been a long time since we up-dated our great customers and friends on the developments we have been working on for 2 and a half years. We have our inner Magnesium Oxide coating back on the inside of the bulbs as promised. We are still the only company in the world to put this effort into production. Our big announcement is that we should have every past order finished and sent in the next 2-3 weeks (this is because of our new customer service manager, Cara, who has been a RUV customer and rescuer for 10 years). All orders after that should have next day shipping. What made this possible is a new company that has people involved that have the same vision that ReptileUV has struggled to and maintained to keep; creating nothing less than the world's best reptile lighting. Mega-Ray Pet Care Lighting LLC will be able to make this wonderful bulb available to the world through many different distributors. As all of our old friends know, we have always put the animals before profit. "We don't care what sells well, only what does well for your animals," and with this adventure, any verified wholesale distributor, pet store, museum, aquarium, zoo, breeder, or any verified rehab center will be able to order the Mega-Ray™ through Mega-Ray Pet Care Lighting. Please have any one that is in this field contact Mega-Ray Pet Care Lighting LLC to be a distributor. Will this mean more competition for ReptileUV? Yes it will. But how many more animals will be serviced and cared for by this venture? This was only possible in my dreams over the past 10 years. The only involvement I personally have with this new company is that I am in total control of research and development so that the Mega-Ray™ name would never be a sell-out. Please beware of any counterfeit Mega-Rays! Contact us if you are in doubt of any bulb that carries this name. I want to personally thank all of our loyal friends. I want to apologize to any one that did not get serviced like they should have during the "impossible times" from which only my determination (or insanity) survived. We will still care for anyone that felt they were mishandled. Thank you to all of our friends that care so much about the creatures in our keep and in our hearts!

    Bob Mac, RUV

Why Use Mega-Ray®?

Mega-Ray® lamps were designed by iguana re-habilitator Bob MacCargar, initially for rescued reptiles - many of which were in desperate need of high quality UVB. But now, these unique lamps, made with American and German engineering and ingenuity, are available to all reptile keepers. Independent testing* has shown that our standard 60w and 100w bulbs give:
  • Optimal amounts of UVB in the range of wavelengths that produce vitamin D3.

  • A strong beam that gives levels of UVB similar to morning sunlight at 12" distance and useful UVB up to 20" below the bulb.

  • An unusually wide beam, ensuring the whole basking area - at least 18" across - receives good UVB, not just a tiny spot in the center.

  • Remarkably long useful life. All UVB-producing lamps decay (lose UV strength) at different rates, over time. Our unique manufacturing process means our bulbs decay, on average, less than 30% over the life of the bulb. (Some other brands decay as much as 80% in less than 6 months.) And our 60watt EB bulbs carry a 1 year warranty!

Reptiles need UV

Responsible reptile keepers recognize that in order to stay healthy, reptiles require UVA and UVB radiation as much as they need the care and attention we give them every day. Without UVB, the all-important vitamin D3 cannot be produced naturally in the reptile's skin, and vitamin D3 is as critical as good food, water, and heat. Vitamin D3 enables the reptile to absorb calcium from its food. This absorbed calcium ensures healthy bones and normal muscle function. Without vitamin D3 and calcium, reptiles may develop hypocalcaemia and muscle spasms or metabolic bone disorder, MBD. Recent research also shows that vitamin D3 is vital for a healthy immune system and even helps protect against some cancers.

UV light is also important for reptiles' well-being. They can see UVA (without it they are "partially color-blind"!) and UVB also has local, direct effects upon skin health and immunity. In the past, keepers had to rely upon natural sunlight or risk dosing with oral vitamin D3 (the daily dose required by a reptile is unknown).

Why UVB?

UV, like light, is part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The sun produces UV wavelengths from 290 - 400nm, but only those in the 290 - 310nm range, in what is known as the "UVB" range, act on natural cholesterols in skin to make vitamin D3.

Natural, unfiltered sun is by far the best and cheapest UVB available. The alternative is that from an artificial UVB-producing lamp. Ordinary "basking lamps" or "full spectrum" lamps may emit a little UVA but they DO NOT produce UVB. Don't be misled!

Not all UV is created equal.

Two different styles of UVB lamps are available: the UVB fluorescent tube and the mercury vapor (MV) reptile lamp. Both styles use the effect of an electric arc through mercury vapour to produce ultra-violet radiation. Each style produces a different amount of UVB and a different amount of useable UVB (i.e., in the critical 290 - 310nm range) and individual brands also vary widely in their output. High quality MV lamps, such as the ReptileUV Mega-Ray produce more UVB in the critical range than even the best fluorescents, and at much greater distances. The Mega-Ray is a proven rehabilitation tool for reptiles suffering from MBD - and is, we believe, the #1 choice for all reptiles which bask in full sun in the wild.

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